Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome to 3D Printonomics!

QUICK UPDATE: 3dprintonomics was an exciting endeavor, but due to bandwidth constraints the blog has been suspended. There will be occasional updates on twitter @3Dprintonomics and maybe one day blogging will be restarted.


Welcome! This blog has been created to track the progress and development of 3D printing technology (a.k.a. additive manufacturing) as it begins to enter into the realm of the consumer market. I will be discussing topics ranging from stock performance to the impact it will have on the price of goods and from advances that are common place to those on the edge of science fiction. Join me as I chronicle developments that will without a doubt affect the future, the only question is how much. My goal is to inform the world about the potential that this technology has, look forward to videos, pictures, articles, and my own personal analysis.

My name is Ayal Chen-Zion, I am a PhD student in Economics at UCSD. Some may call me a crazy futurist, but I think that as technology marches forward 3D printing will soon be on the front line of innovation.

For those that are new to 3D printing here is a TED talk that highlights just some of the amazing potential of 3D printing:

David F. Flanders @ TEDxHamburg 2011

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