Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kids Just Want to Have Fun

The World of Disney in Florida recently opened a new project that takes the dream of becoming a princess and makes it a reality... forever. Called "D-Tech Me a Princess" this project will scan a child's face and then print out a doll that has the body of their favorite princess, but with their own face (hopefully it won't go to their head). Check out this behind-the-scenes look:

For those that don't want to be princesses there are still all sorts of options that 3D printing has. Already many blueprints for toys have been uploaded on line with options for customization, from Minecraft characters  to robots.

I think that starting kids off young with 3D printing will be the best way for the industry to succeed. The sooner that a generation grows up not knowing life before 3D printing the sooner we can start taking full advantage of all the potential that it has in store.